Portal Slewing Crane

About Project

Portal Slewing Crane which means rail mounted shipyard crane is special design from Orhun Makina. This crane has 35 tones lifting capacity from 35 meter. Full electrical and electronical crane can be hydraulically.

Portal Slewing Crane are state-of-the-art, economical cranes running on rails that can be easily integrated into terminal infrastructure. Their strengths:

  • Use on special-purpose quays for demanding, continuous-duty bulk handling
  • Use on quays equipped with rails for loading onto trains, trucks and conveyor belts
  • Modular construction
  • Comparatively low total weight


Project Details

  1. Portal Frame: The portal frame serves as the primary load-bearing component of the crane. It is designed to support the crane’s entire structure and the loads it handles. This sturdy frame forms the foundation for the crane’s operations.

  2. Traveling Mechanism: Positioned beneath the portal frame, the traveling mechanism is responsible for the crane’s mobility. It moves along ground rails, allowing the crane to travel horizontally and position itself precisely where needed.

  3. Rotation Mechanism: The crane features a rotation mechanism located within the portal frame. This mechanism enables the crane to swivel or rotate, providing flexibility in directing the arm or jib to the desired location.

  4. Arm Frame: At the top of the rotation mechanism, you’ll find the arm frame. This component is pivotal in the crane’s functionality, as it supports the arm or jib and serves as the primary means of extending and retracting the load to reach various areas.

  5. Luffing Mechanism: The luffing mechanism is integrated into the arm frame and is responsible for adjusting the angle of the arm or jib. This adjustment is essential for precise positioning of the load or equipment being handled.

These four crucial mechanisms work in tandem, allowing the portal slewing crane to perform a range of tasks, including the installation of equipment or hull sections, as well as the efficient loading and unloading of cargo.

The crane’s design and capabilities make it a valuable asset in numerous industrial and construction applications.

40 TON (SWL):35M


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